Tuesday, April 17, 2012

5 Tips to Reduce Signs of Aging

Tired of looking in the mirror and wondering where the years have gone? Every woman has been there. The good news is that you don't have to stay there - with these tips, you can reduce, reverse, and rectify the most common signs of aging to re-emerge as a better, younger you.

5: Change Your Beauty Regime
If you're on this page, your current routine isn't working, so it's time to change it up. Throw out your old products. Try something different. When was the last time you switched makeup brands? Maybe there's been a breakthrough on anti-aging cream since the last time you went shopping.

4: Embrace Chemicals
The truth about aging is that it's a biological process, and to truly combat it, you need to fight fire with fire. Understand your own hormone levels. Look into age-defying antioxidants found in Vitamins A and C. If you're still on birth control, talk to your doctor what you can do to lessen the effects on your body and skin.

3: Take Care of Your Skin
You should be moisturizing and exfoliating every day. If you have uneven tones or troublesome age spots, don't let them languish; fight them with lotions and creams. Olive oil is good for fine lines. Lemon juice applied directly to your wrinkles can soften the skin and make it appear brighter and younger.

2: Consider Botox
Botox is one of the easiest ways to reduce or even reverse the years that have crept into your face. Its fast, it's convenient - no more than a few pricks with a needle - and it's more affordable than most women realize. You can even do it yourself with a little Botox training!

1: Change Your Lifestyle
This is a preventative measure more than a fix-it, but the easiest way to look young is to simply avoid aging at all. Stay fit with yoga or daily strolls around the park. Adjust your diet to include berries and skin-enhancing vegetables like carrots and spinach. Take care to avoid the most common ways women start to look their age, like too much sun, not enough exercise, and inconsistent beauty regimes. (If you've already gone down this path, this is where
Botox training comes in!)

Keep these tips in mind and there's no reason why you can't look ten or even twenty years younger than your birth certificate. With knowledge and dedication, your skin can reflect the zest and life you still have inside - not the wrinkles that accumulated when you were still living it!

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